I love to blog/talk about my family. These sincere sharings are to tell you that family bonding is on top of my life agenda and i believe that each one of us have a uniqueness that others can leverage on. Being very family-oriented, I hope all my entries can contribute by 'prosperizing' other family. This world needs great family towards building great ummah :)

Doa utk Semua
Ya Allah cukupkan rizki padaku, berkahilah rezeki itu dan gantikan semua yg hilang dengan yang lebih baik lagi. Ya Allah sukakan diriku pd IMAN dan hiasi hatiku dengan IMAN itu. Ya Allah sembuhkan bila ada teman-teman yg sakit, lunasi bagi yang berhutang, mudahkan jodoh yg soleh/solehah bagi yg belum, mudahkan pekerjaan bila yang belum mendapatkannya.. ameen


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Terima Kasih Ima!!

ni la Ima Saliza bt Ghazali - salah seorg geng JAWS saya masa kat mrsm dulu..
Oh terharu giler saya bila ima, salah sorg geng jaws saya dulu buat satu entry khas kat blog dia utk saya...serius aku tergezut & terharu ima!
Dan nak tau tak hubby ima, Hisham & hubby saya share birthdate yg sama 13 Feb!! So setiap kali tiba 13Feb saya mesti ingat hisham & Ima :-). Bagi saya hisham & ima neh dua2 pasangan yg sempoi & penuh dengan cinta.. Saya doakan mereka kekal bahagia selamanya..Insyaallah!
Ok lah jom layan apa yg ima tulis ni.. tq yang!! I luv u too!!
Beautiful Mother at work - Miss Edrina
she was one of my J.A.W.S family member while i was in secondary school...she was one of top sportsgirl in school.... i have been always admiring her since school.. to me she a such a sweet girl, very honest, cheerful and have positive mind.....

she has always been positive since she was 13... selama jadi kawan edrina.. never never i heard negative words or statements come out from her mouth.. and she is quite religious too... pandai dan sedap ngaji tuu yang :), she was a teachers' pet... favourite student, perhaps of her innocent and great personalities :)

i visited her blog recently.... i love her statement that she put in her blog ... i agree with her statement....a woman become more beautiful when u love her...because LOVE is a beautiful, great and positive energy... a woman who is full of love is a happy woman...when a woman is happy...she is able to transform everything inside her and around her to become beautiful...although she might face great challenges in her life.... she always look it from positive and beautiful angle...

~You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her~she talked great things about her husband and their beautiful life...she has 4 kids...and i love the way she list down the name of her kids in bahasa ......should have done that too.... it is like affirmation that one day ur kids will be as what u named them.... when u write beautiful things about u, and millions of people are reading it...it is like they pray for u...

her first daughter = Cahaya Kesenangan yang Berjaya
her first son = Insan yang terpuji, Pelindung yang Berjaya
her second daughter = Cahaya Agama yang Berpengetahuan
her third daughter = Cahaya Kebaikan Sejati

she also wrote that

I am a lucky wife of a very understanding and supporting husband and of course a proud mother of four beautiful children. I love my life.. I love my children..my family.. I am really thankful for all of these gifts. I felt blessed to have such a wonderful family. My 4 pride and joys in life are my everything. And my husband is my partner, love, and friend what else can I ask for in life. I enjoy spending time having fun and living each day to the fullest with my family.

i am happy for u too.... i pray for your happiness for eternity.....i am honoured to be among your freinds...thank you for being a great friend to me....sayang u edrina :)


langsuir said...

lar..satu geng sekolah rupanya ngan wife hisham ni ed...hehe..JAWS tu apa benda? girls club ke ? hehe

LMj said...

ed, ima was my classmate masa kat MLA dulu (masa lepas SPM)