I love to blog/talk about my family. These sincere sharings are to tell you that family bonding is on top of my life agenda and i believe that each one of us have a uniqueness that others can leverage on. Being very family-oriented, I hope all my entries can contribute by 'prosperizing' other family. This world needs great family towards building great ummah :)

Doa utk Semua
Ya Allah cukupkan rizki padaku, berkahilah rezeki itu dan gantikan semua yg hilang dengan yang lebih baik lagi. Ya Allah sukakan diriku pd IMAN dan hiasi hatiku dengan IMAN itu. Ya Allah sembuhkan bila ada teman-teman yg sakit, lunasi bagi yang berhutang, mudahkan jodoh yg soleh/solehah bagi yg belum, mudahkan pekerjaan bila yang belum mendapatkannya.. ameen


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I seek from Thee to give me knowledge that will benefit me and mankind regardless
I seek from Thee to give me the ability to use the knowledge wise & well..and be humbled
I seek from Thee to give me the patient and strength to excel and towards the uplifting of my spiritual journey towards Thee

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Perjalanan ke tempat kejer di Fort Washington, Phily

This video was taken this morning when i was on the way to the office
(Homestead studio suite, Horsham to KNS, Fort Washington)

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Anakku yang suka melawa

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Rindunya pada keletah anak mama sorang ni.. sabar ye sayang isnin depan mama balik..
mama belikan kakak baaanyaaakk baju baru & toys :-)

Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy happy Joy joy!!

Najihah & Haris having fun playing Merry-go-round at Sogo

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Haris doesn't talk yet..should i worry?

Lilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker

Haris has just turned 2 last month but he doesn't talk yet..huhuhu.. what should i do? However haris does pointing and seems to understand to what we say. So i guess he's well on his way to talking. Besides he also has learned to say a few words..mama..nak..bak..susu.. It just that he doesn't seem interested in saying anything else, he does however understand to what i say He'll get his shoes to go outside and point to things and make a noise when he can't reach something. When it's time to say good bye he waves bye-bye. He will just smile and push the book towards me again to indicate that he wants me to read. He is very happy and loving, he babbles, grunts and points. Although he may not be saying real "words," he doing lots of babbling and noise making.. seems like he's "pretending" to talk ("Mamam-baaaaa-ma-nonono..haisha..!!") ..So, anyway, I'm relieved he's doing just fine, I was getting worried because he isn't talking as early as her older sister did. Hmm..anyway.. boys tends to develop language skills more slowly than the girls.. :-).. Actually we can't really compare the kids since they all develop at their own speed. I am really hoping he will just start talking when he is ready to.

Question: Should I worry that my 2 year-old seems to say fewer words than other kids her age and isn't really putting sentences together yet?

Answer: If your daughter has just turned 2, I wouldn't be overly concerned at this point. Most children have a working vocabulary of about 50 words by age 2, but this is just an average — every child develops differently, and girls generally talk earlier than boys do. However, just to play it safe, it may be wise to have a hearing evaluation by an audiologist who performs tests specifically designed for toddlers. The evaluation should include a tympanogram, a painless test to see whether your child has any residual fluid in her middle ear.

Fluid behind the eardrum is one of the most common reasons for speech delays in toddlers — it makes it hard for a child to understand and imitate speech. Frequent ear infections, colds, dairy allergies, or a reaction to secondhand smoke are common causes of middle ear fluid accumulation, which doesn't always carry symptoms. If this is the problem, you should see a rather significant and immediate improvement in your child's quantity and quality of speech once it has been corrected.Assuming that your child's hearing is normal, I would keep an ear out for the next few months to see whether her speech improves. In the meantime, if your child uses a pacifier, get rid of it. Sucking on a pacifier, though it may be comforting, locks her mouth into an unnatural position, making it difficult for her to develop and strengthen her facial muscles normally. Also, if her mouth is constantly occupied by a pacifier, she's not getting as many opportunities as possible to practice talking.Keep an eye on her nonverbal communication, too. It's a good sign if your child is making up for her lack of speech by communicating her desires through gestures.By the time your child is 30 months or so, she should be speaking in short phrases ("Me big girl") and sentences, even if she mispronounces many words. If this is not the case, I would have a speech-language pathologist take a look to see whether you could do some specific activities at home to help give her a little jumpstart.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Najihah & her new skill

Now I know my ABC...

"Most children begin recognizing some letters between the ages of 2 and 3 and can identify most letters between 4 and 5. This means that you can start teaching your child the alphabet when he’s around 2 — but don’t expect full mastery for some time

I am so happy to know that najihah can now write A to E without referring to any books. At that time I was watching tv with both of my kids when suddenly najihah said ‘mama, tgk ni najihah pandai tulis A’.. Yippie.. I was so excited knowing that she know the alphabet already.. then she wrote E & C and showed it to me.. clever girl.. pandai anak mama ni.. Then I showed her how to write B & D .. alhamdulillah.. she got it.. sayang anak mama..
Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


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Haris ni memang lawak kalau nak tido.. sebab dia suka sangat tahan ngantuk dia tu..
Clip ni mama amik masa dlm keter on d way pi jenjalan.. masa tu dia dok tahan mata pasal nak tgk jugak vcd kartun transformer jepun yg babah pasang tu.. Babah yang dok tgh bawak keter asyik suruh mama stop amik pasal kesian kat haris (babah: 'dah la tu..dah la tu') hikhikhik..tapi mama nak amik jugak pasal lawak jer rasa.. hahahhahaa... Lagi pun haris ni selagi dia tak betul2 tido, kalau mama baringkan dia.. marah tul dia.. boleh tahan baran jugak anak mama sorang ni.. haris..haris..

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Visit from Mak Su

From Mak Su with Love.. kelantan Mari..

Today, my beloved auntie (my mom’s sister), mak su visited us. This is her first time visit since we moved to our new house in Puncak Alam. Finally mak su sampai jugak rumah aku..She came along with her daughters, Najla & Izyan.
Since she didn’t know how to go to Puncak Alam, I asked her to wait in front of my office. Cam la aku ni terror jalan.. aku pung sama blur..hampeh tul..So after subuh, mak su keluar rumah and waited for me as planned. When Aziz arrived, we moved Najihah & Haris to mak su’s car and headed back to Puncak Alam. Biasalah as I am quite blur with the route we lost hahahha..tak pasal2 masuk pi Jelutong muakakaa.. tu la berangan lagiks naik kereta.. ish..ish..Finally we managed to make a U turn and got back on the right track huhuhuhu.. When we arrived at ITM Puncak Perdana I did realize that I didn’t have my house’s keys with me..My oh my.. Edrina..edrina… hmm.. kartun la.. Then i called my father in law asking for the spare keys.. Luckily he always has our house’s spare keys with him.. huhuhuhu.. My father in law was actually on his way to the bank in Shah Alam.. so he turned back and passed the keys to us (we waited for him at ITM’s parking lot). Mencabar betul nak sampai rumah aku hahahhah.. Finally around 9 o’clock we arrived at my house.
We had roti canai & nasik lemak which we bought from nearby mamak’s restaurant for the breakfast. We had chit chat and at the same time we were entertained by a sweet little dancer…ehehhee…sapa lagiks.. my sweet little pie najihah lerr…btw we managed to capture a few video clips of Najihah’s dancing action using najla’s Nokia N70 phone. J . I will upload the clip later.
Around 11 o’clock, mak su & my beloved cousins went back to their Mak Tok’s house (her mother in law) at Damansara…coz they know I work night shift and surely needs some times to rest & sleep hmm… tq mak su kerana sudi datang melawat ke teratak kami… Mak su will always be the best auntie I’ve ever had. BTW mak su gave me a brooch as tanda ingatan..my mak su is always like that.. ada ajer benda nak kasik kalau jumpa… tqvm mak su.. loves u alwiz.. nanti datang bermalam pulak yer..mesti lagiks happening

pictures taken during aidil fitri last year at Tok Su's House in Bachok, Kelantan Mak su is the one with pink 'tudung'.

Me with my cousins. From left to right Najla, Aqilah with Najihah on her lap, Izyan and me

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Get well soon sayang..

My baby haris is down with measles and a bit fever.
Haris is really a good boy since he has not being cranky at all…
I took emergency leave yesterday to look after my beloved baby boy..
I gave haris ‘air kelapa’ , which caused all the red spots erupted all over his body’s skin.

Alhamdulillah, Haris condition today is improved with just bit rashes on his both cheek.. hopefully my baby will get well soon..

Najihah At 3 Years and 10 Months Old

~Sangat bijak berkata2.
~Can understand my simple English instruction very well
~Can speak simple English such as :
++ Good morning, good night, thank you, you are welcome
++ Hello, anybody home?
++ Mama, tell me what to do?
++ Mama, can I have this?
++ Mama, what is this? (She knows when to use this and when to use that)
++ Mama, what is that?
++ Mama look at this
++ Mama look at that
++ Everbody, Come on, let’s go
++ This is book etc
++ can count already, 1 to 20 and really know what does the number mean e.g can describe 2 eyes, 1 mouth
++ A to Z
++ Mama, I’m hungry
++ Mama where is babah?
++ Mama, what are you doing?
++ Mama, where are you going?
++ Knows a lot of animals/insects name in both English & Malay (elephant, tiger, monkey, lion, snake, bird, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, crocodile, gorilla, penguin, turtle, camel, cat, dog, fish, ant, butterfly, bee)

~Actually she’s eager to speak English sometimes she just actually speaks German-English..(tak tau bahasa apa2ntah) hahahahha…(merapu2 jer anak aku sorang ni)..
~Can draw.. I think her imagination is quite good since she can draw people’s face, elephant, fish, mouse etc.. of course it is not perfect but when you see the drawing you can tell it’s an elephant figure etc.
~Loves to sing and can sing very well (I think she had my beautiful voice… wah..perasannya…ya ampunnn hahhahha)
~Loves coloring
~Loves Barbie (vcd, dolls, shirts etc)
~A bit matured compared to her age
~Kakak yang sangat baik
~Loves to dance
~Minum susu banyak, makan banyak huuhuhu.. lihat lah perut nyer yg muncit itu hhahahaa
~Dah pandai pilih2 baju.. a bit choosy lor this young lady …
~Suka simpan rambut panjang.. tak kasik mama potong… very girly type anak mama sorang ni
~Sayang adik haris
~A helpful daughter.. suka tolong mama angkat baju, lipat baju, basuh dishes which actually mama kena buat balik apa yang dia buat tu ehehhehe.. cam lipat baju..nanti mama kena lipat balik pasal anak mama ni lipat ikut pesen dia jer hahhaha.. tak per lah mama layan jer

Friday, May 26, 2006

Kuper.. siapa tahu apa maknanya?

Last Tuesday, when we was in Atuk's car, as usual najihah & haris fight over the front seat..out of the blue came out “kuper..kuper..kuper” from najihah’s mouth.. I didn’t know how to react actually… i was amused and a bit shocked.

Kuper is actually the Indonesian word which I also don’t know the actual meaning in malay… but I think it’s a bad word.

Wonder where she got the word from?
Recently we always watch together Indonesian drama entitled ‘Adinda’ … the story is about an orphan and nerd 16yo girl who was adopted by a rich family. Her friends and some of her family members always tease her and call her ‘kuper lagiks jelek’ and sometimes shouted at her ‘kuper..kuper..kuper’.

I did not expect that najihah would remember that and zero in her memory…huhuhuhu..
So I told najihah that it’s not good to say that to your brother. It’s a bad word and Allah don’t like if we say bad things to others. We will get dosa. I know that 3yo+ kid like najihah is too small to understand what is dosa, pahala, syurga & neraka but then I know she’s smart when she said..’oh..tuhan marah yer mama? Nanti mati masuk neraka? Eee takut’

After that day, I never heard she says that word anymore.. alhamdulillah.. anak mama is a good girl.

I, myself also have learnt a lesson that we must always guide our children or at least tell them don’t do the bad things that we watch on the tv.. They may be cannot understand but slowly they will get it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Congratulation Honey!

Congratulation to my hubby on his new job offered. Hubby went for interview on Monday’s afternoon and got the job right away after that. It was really happy news which made hubby smiles throughout the day.

I always said to hubby that Allah knows best when to grant/fulfils our wishes. We just need to pray & do our best. After attended a lot of interviews (more than 10 I think) finally Allah granted hubby’s wishes. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Hubby’s New Company Info :
It’s a MNC (UK based)
He will join the new co. middle of June 06.
He will be going to Chennai, India for training
Most probably there is a need for Babah to go for training in London, UK (wow syookknyaa..nak itut huhuhu..)
He will support Asia Pacific.
It's a manager post.
He will do HR, bsc related things.. bla..bla..bla..
It’s a end user environment..operational. la. ok lah kan ..Not as hectic as vendor env.. serik…

Here, I wish you all the best and take care.

Luv u alwiz

This song is specially dedicated to you sayang ..

Hadir Mu Membawa Sinaran (Razis Ismail)

Kasihku kau menjelma
Bersama keharuman cinta
Kau membawa harapan dialam sepiku
Ku terjaga dari mimpi yang duka

Kasihku beginikah suratan
Pertemuan ini
Kau sinari duniaku cahaya cintamu
Ku bahagia bila disampingmu

Hadirmu membawa
Sinaran cinta yang suci
Hilanglah keresahan dijiwaku
Bahagia oh kasih

Janjiku padamu
Pengorbanan kasih suci
Bersama kejujuran kan kubina
Milikku cintaku abadi

Kasihku kau menjelma
Bersama keharuman cinta
Kau membawa harapan dialam sepiku
Ku terjaga dari mimpi yang duka

Kasihku beginikah suratan
Pertemuan ini
Kau sinari duniaku cahaya cintamu
Ku bahagia bila disampingmu

huhuhuhu...jiwang karat..

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to Muhammad Haris Fawzan

Today is haris 2nd birthday. Sama lak tu ngan hari guru..

Haris Milestone:
~ Belum pandai cakap.. cuma tau cakap mama, nak, bak, air
~ Tak suka pakai seluar kat rumah.. bila mama pakaikan terus dia bukak hmm.. tinggal diaper jer
~ Pandai bukak baju, seluar & diaper sendiri
~ Tak suka gunting rambut, susah tul mama nak potong rambut haris tapi hari ni mama dah berjaya menggonjengkan rambut haris hihihihi.. nanti mama upload gambo rambut baru haris kat fotopages ;-)
~ Tak suka mama suap, nak makan sendiri
~ Kalau dengar azan @ nampak masjid @ nampak ayat Al-Quran, letak jari pada bibir dan buat syyyy.. suruh semua org senyap.
~ Suka menari gaya goyang bontot, tangan lak ala2 tarian kadazan bila dengar lagu.
~ Suka sangat ngan Barney
~ Suka tgk citer ultraman, power rangers & transformer sambil tiru aksi2 lawan tu..siap kaki tangan semua naik
~ Suka hempas badan atas lantai kalau tak puas hati
~ Nak babab kakak najihah kalau mama/babah babab dia
~ Suka gigit bantal busuk
~ Suka tuang susu atas karpet huhuhuhu
~ Suka main air liur.. ish2 haris2 macam2 haris sorang ni
~ Malu pada org yang baru kenal, siap tutup muka ngan tangan sambil sengih2..mata lak kenyit2 ..intai sikit2 jer..
~ Kalau kuar rumah mesti nak pakai kasut
~ Tak boleh mama hilang sikit mesti nangis sampai berjurai2 air mata
~ Suka air vitagen
~ Suka makan ice cream

Thursday, May 04, 2006


demam, selsema & batuk huhuhuhuh
make me still not in the mood for anything..feel lazy, sleepy..and of course very ill arghh...