I love to blog/talk about my family. These sincere sharings are to tell you that family bonding is on top of my life agenda and i believe that each one of us have a uniqueness that others can leverage on. Being very family-oriented, I hope all my entries can contribute by 'prosperizing' other family. This world needs great family towards building great ummah :)

Doa utk Semua
Ya Allah cukupkan rizki padaku, berkahilah rezeki itu dan gantikan semua yg hilang dengan yang lebih baik lagi. Ya Allah sukakan diriku pd IMAN dan hiasi hatiku dengan IMAN itu. Ya Allah sembuhkan bila ada teman-teman yg sakit, lunasi bagi yang berhutang, mudahkan jodoh yg soleh/solehah bagi yg belum, mudahkan pekerjaan bila yang belum mendapatkannya.. ameen


Monday, May 18, 2009

Jom vote cousin saya - Izyan

Entry ni saya copy paste dr blog dia :

Hahahaha. Peepz, this is really something that I had never done before.

Entering a talent contest by Lipice! Alaaaa LIPICE..yang lipbalm tuuuuu....aiyoo.

Obviously, kalau nak masuk final, I have to gain as many votes as I can..therefore, I NEED YOU, yes, YOU to contribute your vote on me. I'm not sure whether or not this is a good idea ke tak, but if you guys think I have all what it takes to become one of the talents, please show your support by voting me at http://www.lipice.com.my/

1. Click on the tab "CONTEST"
2. Look out for "GALLERY"
3. At the bottom of the left-hand side corner of the page, search for "nurizyanamalina@gmail.com"
4. Click on my photo, then enter YOUR NAME and EMAIL address then click on "VOTE"
Hihihihi. Tiada paksaan pun..seriously. It's just that this is something new for me and I'd like to experience different things before life gets more serious and there's no way out from the seriousness. Whoa. Ayat takley blah okeh. So sile lah tengok2 ye. Tenkiu~


nestumrasberi said...

akak dah vote!

.:nayzi.norman:. said...

tenkiu tenkiu for the support!