I love to blog/talk about my family. These sincere sharings are to tell you that family bonding is on top of my life agenda and i believe that each one of us have a uniqueness that others can leverage on. Being very family-oriented, I hope all my entries can contribute by 'prosperizing' other family. This world needs great family towards building great ummah :)

Doa utk Semua
Ya Allah cukupkan rizki padaku, berkahilah rezeki itu dan gantikan semua yg hilang dengan yang lebih baik lagi. Ya Allah sukakan diriku pd IMAN dan hiasi hatiku dengan IMAN itu. Ya Allah sembuhkan bila ada teman-teman yg sakit, lunasi bagi yang berhutang, mudahkan jodoh yg soleh/solehah bagi yg belum, mudahkan pekerjaan bila yang belum mendapatkannya.. ameen


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You'll find this hard to believe but I'm stunned to read this ... nobody told me that you were part of the lay-off, and yesterday during the all-hands meeting I did not notice your name on the slides. I'm not sure whether you got the XXX email that I sent to you a few days ago, telling you that I'll also be layed off at end of July. Working at XXX has mostly been frustrating and exhausting. But one highlight for me was having the chance to develop a friendship with you. I hope the experience you gained at XXX will enable you to find a new position with ease. I will think of you fondly and I hope you'll let me know how it all works out for you. In the future you can reach me at my personal email (xxxx@xxxx) or my "professional" email (xxxx@xxxx.com) or even at home (xxx-xxx-xxxx). I'll be looking for you on "xxxx" too.
Best Regards,

Well we're one of the last remnants of a good team in XXX once. It is very sad to see they let you go, given your huge contribution. Thank you so much for all the help that you have extended to me. And Allah/God always will take care of each and every one of us. All we have to do is believe in him.
All the best Ed. I'm sure the next corporation to luckily get your expertise will treasure you better.


I’m sure it will be a great loss to your team. It sure feels quiet without your singing :-)

I sincerely thank you for all the oracle knowledge that you’ve taught me.

Wish you all the best in all your future undertakings.

Best Regards,


Hi Edrina,

wish you all the best for such a nice person like you. Goodluck and God bless.


Hi Edrina

May God bless you ahead with all prosperities.



nota kaki:
very sad bila keja dgn private nie. when they want us, they can give whatever we want. when they dont want, they just throw us like this...


Anonymous said...

salam kakak,
jangan sad2 sangat. i really dunno the feeling, but i really sure how it feel. Allah bless you and your family kakak. good things will happen to you very soon. insyaAllah...i always pray for u dear sis.

gee ryder said...

aduh kak...sedih nye camni..
xle nk wat pe dh kan...
time gini mmg kena kuatkan smgt..
sy doakan akak berjaya kt tmpt lain

langsuir said...

all th ebst Ed...bykkan bersabar...insyaALlah, experience superb..mesti ramai org nak.