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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Laptop utk Najihah - Classmate PC

Dengan duit bonus jugak saya hadiahkan najihah laptop kecit, comei molek neh utk dia.. asyik dok pakai laptop dell babah dia jer kan.. saya nak ajar jihah guna word, excel, power point & mungkin basic programming? ekekeke..

Tapi since najihah dah masuk darjah satu, saya & hubby akan benarkan dia gunakan laptop neh weekend sahaja..

Classmate PC neh low cost laptop untuk kiddies.. harga dia cuma RM950 sajork. Made by intel and only 450 pieces kat Malaysia. Ada parent-care surfing for kids.

Kalau nak baca pasal review dia leh click sini --> http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/intel-classmate-pc/4505-3121_7-32727076.html

Nih saya paste sikit jerk review dia:
"The Classmate PC looks more like a toy than a laptop computer, with a thick, plastic chassis with rounded corners that's clearly designed to keep important parts far from the outer edges of the machine. The keyboard is water-resistant, and the entire body felt solid and unyielding. Even the back of the lid, which is covered with a thin, flimsy piece of plastic on many laptops, felt rugged. The system has a removable snap-on cover, made of thick leather, which doubles as a handle. Our cover was a pinkish orange, but we've seen them in blue and white as well."


DYLA said...

mahal jugak tu kak, sama mcm kiter punyer ke dalam dia?

atehlaila said...

Good investment...semoga jihah lebih hebat dr mama & babah...

gee ryder said...

menariknye...tp xmhl ke utk budak?
tp kalo mmg worth it ok laa..
bgs supaya dia celik IT

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PerantauSepi1306 said...

uihhh ed.. melampau tau nak ajaq programming la ni... ekekeke bahsa apa java, c++ ;D

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