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Doa utk Semua
Ya Allah cukupkan rizki padaku, berkahilah rezeki itu dan gantikan semua yg hilang dengan yang lebih baik lagi. Ya Allah sukakan diriku pd IMAN dan hiasi hatiku dengan IMAN itu. Ya Allah sembuhkan bila ada teman-teman yg sakit, lunasi bagi yang berhutang, mudahkan jodoh yg soleh/solehah bagi yg belum, mudahkan pekerjaan bila yang belum mendapatkannya.. ameen


Friday, May 26, 2006

Kuper.. siapa tahu apa maknanya?

Last Tuesday, when we was in Atuk's car, as usual najihah & haris fight over the front seat..out of the blue came out “kuper..kuper..kuper” from najihah’s mouth.. I didn’t know how to react actually… i was amused and a bit shocked.

Kuper is actually the Indonesian word which I also don’t know the actual meaning in malay… but I think it’s a bad word.

Wonder where she got the word from?
Recently we always watch together Indonesian drama entitled ‘Adinda’ … the story is about an orphan and nerd 16yo girl who was adopted by a rich family. Her friends and some of her family members always tease her and call her ‘kuper lagiks jelek’ and sometimes shouted at her ‘kuper..kuper..kuper’.

I did not expect that najihah would remember that and zero in her memory…huhuhuhu..
So I told najihah that it’s not good to say that to your brother. It’s a bad word and Allah don’t like if we say bad things to others. We will get dosa. I know that 3yo+ kid like najihah is too small to understand what is dosa, pahala, syurga & neraka but then I know she’s smart when she said..’oh..tuhan marah yer mama? Nanti mati masuk neraka? Eee takut’

After that day, I never heard she says that word anymore.. alhamdulillah.. anak mama is a good girl.

I, myself also have learnt a lesson that we must always guide our children or at least tell them don’t do the bad things that we watch on the tv.. They may be cannot understand but slowly they will get it.

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